4D/210 GTX Twin Tower Power  Series
Power supply and peripherals are located in the tower on the right. front doors open to access tape, power switch, reset, and mode switches.
Top isometeric view, one of the more flattering! 
Peripherals stack, one upon the other. The drive boxes are tied together by four clips, two in front, and two in back. 
The SCSI bus (in the model) passes through the large connector show here. Handles are provided for lifting the drive box easily.
Here is the bottom of a drive box. This model has two boxes. An additional drive can be installed in the tower base pedestal behind the bezel. 
I/O bulkhead is open and easy to get to from behind.
Doors on the rear of the tower cover circuit breaker, and a db50 SCSI external connector. 
Back plastic panel is TOUGH to get off, but it's only snaps, so pull!
Here's the cardcage.
1 VME32 
2 VME32
3 VME32
4 VME32 OR CG2
5 IO2 OR IO3
6 1ST CPU (IP9, Single 25mhz R3K, 32meg onboard ) 
7 2ND CPU (none)
8 1ST MC2 (none)
9 2ND MC2 (none)
10 GM2 Graphics Manager
11 GE4 Geometry Engine
12 RM1 Raster Manager
13 RM1 Raster Manager 
14 RV1 
15 empty
Back of the I/O panel. this one has a set of powered peripheral ports for.....