2.4 Hyperpipeline Development
Hyperpipeline Development mode is perhaps the most practical configuration for a SkyWriter.
Since not every user will want to run their system as a Hyperpipe at all times, this
configuration enables the user to switch back and forth between dual Pipeline and
Hyperpipeline configurations at any time from software, without rewiring the system.

In this mode, the RGB output of Pipeline 1 (without a VideoSplitter) is wired both to a display
and to the input to the PMUX on the display board of Pipeline 0. The output of Pipeline 0 is
then directed to a single display.

When developing applications or databases, it is possible to use the displays from both
pipelines independently for more screen space in which windows and applications can be
spread out.  When it comes time to multiplex the outputs of the two pipelines for maximum
single channel performance, the system is already wired such that the multiplexed output can
be displayed on the Pipeline 0 display when the software command is issued to switch the
system into Hyperpipeline mode.