Section 2.0   Image Generator Configurations
SkyWriter is a very configurable system. A standard SkyWriter can be wired into many
different configurations depending upon how the system is intended to be used. The following
sections detail the valid configurations and how they operate.
2.1 Dual Pipeline
To utilize the two graphics pipelines in SkyWriter to drive two high resolution (1280x1024)
channels, the system can be configured for either Dual Pipeline or Hyperpipeline development
operation. When configured for Dual Pipeline mode, the output from Pipeline 0 drives one
display while the output from Pipeline 1 drives the other.

The pipelines are completely independent, yet they can be genlocked together for frame
synchronization. This means that each pipeline may display a different gazepoint, eyepoint, or
even a view of a completely different database or even, perhaps, a completely different
application (instructor station, mission planning station, heads down displays, etc.).