1.1 Chassis
SkyWriter systems, requiring more boards than any other system offered by Silicon Graphics,
are delivered in a rack chassis 62.5" tall with mounts in the lower bay for adding generic 19"
rack-mount devices. The two main areas in the chassis are the upper and lower bays.  The
upper bay is where the printed circuit boards are located and is accessible from the front by
opening up the hinged plastic front fascia.

The lower bay is where the power supply, disks, tapes, and 19" rack mounts are located.  This is
also accessible from the front via a hinged plastic front fascia panel.  The power supply
provides up to 2030 watts of power drawn from a 220 volt, 30 amp circuit.  All internally
mounted disks, PCBS, and other devices are driven by this supply.

The chassis also includes a cable routing channel in the right of the upper bay through which
cables can be passed through the chassis to the back where they will be out of the way.  The
channel is also accessible through a hinged side door to enable users to lay cables neatly in the
channel.  The illustrations below show forward views of both the outer shell and the inner
configuration of the chassis.

Also visible on the front of the chassis is an array of LEDs with painted lettering associating
each line of LEDs with a particular CPU.  This is the Power Meter.  The Power Meter enables
the user to casually monitor system load on the parallel CPUs without having to gain access to
the system console or interrupting an active session in which the SkyWriter is being used.