Broadcast Video Option
The first and least expensive video option for SkyWriter systems is the Broadcast Video
Option (BVO).  The BVO consists of a single daughter card which resides on the display
generator board, the DG 1, of pipeline one.

The BVO contains the circuitry to support both genlock (to synchronize a SkyWriter to other
systems) and video signal encoding to create a composite video source which can be recorded
by standard NTSC, PAL, or S-Video recorders.

To utilize the encoding capabilities of the BVO, the image to be recorded must be displayed in
the lower left hand corner of the screen at video resolution.  The system will then change the
scan rate and send the imagery out the composite connector coming out of the front I/O panel
of the SkyWriter system. VideoCreator(Tm)

Unlike the Broadcast Video Option, the VideoCreator is capable of generating a composite
video signal from the full screen display.  This is accomplished by scan-converting the high
resolution (1280x1024) screen down to the video resolution (separate NTSC or PAL versions
are available).  VideoCreator is available as either a 9U VME card which can be installed
internally to the SkyWriter or in a separate, desktop chassis.

The output from the VideoCreator is available in either NTSC or PAL, RS- 170, or S-Video
formats.  Genlock is available for any of the resolutions.  VideoCreator is a low-cost scan-
converter, providing real-time video output at industrial grade quality. VideoLab(tm)
Live scan-conversion of computer generated imagery to video resolutions is also one of the
roles of VideoLab.  VideoLab, however, does not generate a composite signal, generating
instead an RGB component output which can be fed to an external encoder.

While this is not as complete a process as the VideoCreator, which has the encoder built-in, the
quality of the scan conversion by VideoLab is Broadcast Quality.  The video output resolution
is selectable from software, driving NTSC, PAL, S-video, SECAM, D1, and D2 from the one