3.7.1 Multichannel Video Output
The optional VideoSplitter board may be utilized with either or both graphics pipelines to
provide for up to eight channels from a single SkyWriter system unit.  The board takes the
output coming off the pixel bus of a graphics pipeline and sends up to four separate low-
resolution component signals to separate displays, enabling the generation of multi-channel
output from a single graphics pipeline.

While the VideoSplitter supports between 1 and 4 outputs, all simultaneous outputs must be at
the same resolution.  The supported resolutions are:

o   VGA640x496@60Hz Non-Interlaced

o   Special VGA480x496@60Hz Interlaced

o   PAL (Overlap)767x575@25Hz Interlaced

o   PAL (Non-Overlap)640x5l2@25Hz Interlaced

o   RS-170A640x485@30Hz Interlaced

o   Special RS-170A480x485@30Hz Interlaced

This flexibility enables users to add functionality only as it is needed, lowering both initial and
incremental system costs.

3.7.2 Recording Video Output

There are several options which enable the generation of recordable video signals from the
output of one or both graphics pipelines of a SkyWriter.