Section 1.0 Introduction
SkyWriter(tm) is the first of what will be a long line of Host Integrated Computer Image
Generators from Silicon Graphics.  Unlike traditional Image Generators (IGs, CIGS, and CGIS),
SkyWriter supports not only high level image generation capabilities for out-the-window
displays, but general purpose UNIX(r) computation and high performance graphics to support a
large variety of widely differing applications covering database development, mission
planning, mission rehearsal, mapping, etc.

SkyWriter runs the Silicon Graphics' Graphics Library(tm) (GL(tm)) providing access to the
imbedded graphics hardware, and X-windows, the popular windowing system that provides a
front-end to IRIX(tm), Silicon Graphics version of the UNIX operating system.  While SkyWriter
is a very complex system, it is also very flexible, and may be configured with varying numbers
of CPUS, memory, and disks, and may drive anywhere from I to 8 output channels.  This
technical report has been designed to provide an overview of this system architecture and its
various components.