and RealityEngine continues that trend, making the HDTV video timing a standard
rather than an optional feature.
5.6.11 Composite Output
In addition to the programmable pixel clock, which provides for RGB output at
a wide variety video timings, RealityEngine has standard hardware for the
generation composite output.  This is an industry first, providing real-time composite
video output from the standard system to enable users to connect NTSC, PAL, or
S-Video recorders directly to the system.

The software lets the application specify a roamable NTSC or PAL window, which
may be placed anywhere on the screen.  Whatever is drawn to the frame buffer within
this roamable window is converted from its component (RGB) signal to a composite
(TV) signal in real-time and may be connected directly from the system to a VCR.

Video options are available for real-time video output of the entire screen resolution
scan-converted down to video resolutions (NTSC, PAL, S-VHS, and so on).

5.6.12 Genlock

To assure that RealityEngine graphics subsystems provide video output that is
synchronized with other video sources or pipelines, a standard Genlock capability is
provided.  Genlock assures that multiple video sources all start scanning out their
frames at the same time to get frame-synchronized multichannel output.