Here's some other stuff deserving honorary mention, or subjects
for future display!
Hey! Three Crimsons! RealityEngine, VGX, and Elan. XFS/XLV striping across both channels of an IO3B  results in pretty good performance, I have all my patchsets on the VGX.  
Three Dials buttons looking for the rest of the hardware.. someday! I actually used one of these at the Computer museum in Boston Mass, way back when there were actually old computers to fawn over instead of PC based educational exhibits. These are labeled 4D/60 dials controller on the back. See the Twin Tower Series for a modern version! 
On the right, my darling Indigo/Elan-150... on the left, a trusty Indigo/XS24Z-R3K for my loving wife! The "Twindigo Twins!"
Here's a side by side comparision of Single Tower (left) and Twin Tower (right). I think they're both pretty snazzy!  
Here's the SCSI-2 (narrow) disk bays from a Dual IO3 Predator Server chassis. Each row is on a different SCSI string. The disks in a column belong to a 3-way XLV stripe set. The fourth column is empty at the moment. 
I got these 4D manuals with the Twin Tower. There are 19 unique manuals in the set, in very nice condition too. 
Sparc 10, unremarkable workhorse for Netscape and, of course IRC. 
The stack-o-sparcs. These are my first workstations, simple Sparc1 and Sparc 1+, They still function as my main NFS servers.
My poor NeXTstations up on the shelf until I make their new room! On the left a nice Monochrome (I love monochrome machines!) and a TurboColor on the right. 
The elusive uVAX II! 
 A pile of random stuff, with a PC too. It runs windows most  
of the time, and an occasional stint under linux.  
Speaking of PCs, heres a little dealie I assembled to render animations created with  blender . It's the MooTron 2000, Self Milking BlenderFarm(tm). Eight Celeron 300A's with 32Meg SDRAM, 100mb ethernet, and 3.2 Gig UDMA disk. 
A Mac holding up some books. 
Two Macs holding each other up!