This is a full front view of a Crimson RealityEngine in my basement 
Here's the drive bay door open (BTW that's Allie the cat  
peeking out from behind the machine) 
Here's the front cover open, to attach keyboard, monitor cables 
Back view, not much to see here.... 
Close up of the graphics badging and a drive sled 
Here's the interior front panel. On the left is keyboard, and serial ports,  
then AUI connector to the right. On the far right are Video connections
When you open the front panel, cables to the interior of the machine  
fall nicely out of the way.
This is a closeup of the back of the front pane
This is what healthily populated cardcage looks like  
from left to right: IO3B,IP17,GE8,DG2,RM4,RM4T  
Notice the bridge board connecting the two RM4's with the  
DG2. There are two locations (for two more RM4's)  
for connectors unpopulated 
Everything removed except the DG2, and two RM4s. The connectors  
mate with the bridge board 
An empty cardcage. The cable hanging is a SCSI cable for the BUS1 SCSI  
bus. From left to right the connectors are used for: 
1 VME32
2 VME32
3 VME32
4 VME32
5 IO3B Crimson Power Channel 
6 IP17 100mhz R4000 Processor 
9 GE8 Geometry Engine
10 DG2 Display Generator
12 RM4 Raster Manager
14 RM4T Raster Manager (Terminated) 
IP17 100Mhz R4000 Processor card, shown here with 128 Meg of memory. Memory is installed 4 SIMMS at a time. Processor is located under the small fan. The fan get it'spower from the wire/connector plugged into the front of the card. Each SIMM maybe 8 or 4 meg each. 
GE8 Geometry Engine 
DG2 Display Generator 
RM4 Raster Manager 
RM4T Raster Manager (Terminated)