Indigo 2 Extreme Graphics, 200mhz R4400SC 1MB L2 Cache
With FDDI: Single Attach Station Card... nice!
Front view, low profile, stylish.. sleek... provocative!
Front panel conceals upper drive slots, for CDROM drive,
and DAT drive. Power and Reset Switched located to the
Two plastic latches detach the front cover for access to the first
drive slot.
Two addition latches release the cover, which goes on and off
with delightful ease!
The Extreme Graphics Badging
All the skins off
Cardcage cover drops down on hinges, no screws! yay!
Top three cards are Extreme Graphics, the bottom card
is a FDDI SAS card. 
Banks of RAM are easy to get to.
Two serial ports, keyboard, mouse, AUI, and 10baseT, even
parallel port!
Four back panels for GFX, or option cards, a second SCSI-2
bus (and controller BUS 1). Audio: mic, in, out, headphones,
AES Digital jacks.