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Short bio: - Computer programmer (Ruby, Perl, C) - E-commerce developer - Message-passing systems developer - Business owner

- Unix fan since '96 or so - Full-time GNU/Linux user since 2001 - Became a SGI fan in 2008 after buying a Sun Blade, being unhappy with it, and then buying a 2x400 MHz Octane2 just to try something new

- Now interested in: 1) Turning a Tezro into a workstation for daily use 2) Doing so by equipping the machine with various PCI cards that make it easier to interface with the current non-SGI ecosystem around it (USB, 10Gbit ethernet, SSD disks, ...) 3) And by helping test, compile and package modern software

- And along the way: 1) Making the whole setup reproducible by writing Ansible recipes for it 2) Documenting it on the Wiki