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My name is Alberto Riera. I was born in 1980 in Asturies (north of Spain). I grew there and I studied biology in the University of Oviedo (also in Asturies). Then, I did my Ph.D in the Deparment of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. After this, I moved to Germany and I was working in the European Molecular Biology Institute for one year and a half. I found my O2 there, it was a gift they made to me just before trashing it. Recently I moved to London, because I found a three year position at the DNA Replication Group of the Imperial College so, at present, I am living in the City.

I have always being in love with computers. My knowledge is not extremely deep, but I know how to program in Basic, C, C++ and also quite a few things about many operating systems and computer hardware. I also have some knowledge in robotics and electronics, especially about those robots powered by Arduino boards. In fact, this is my second hobby.

And that is.