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I've got the initial revision penned and edited. We need to verify Joerg's involvement in the credit given on the original page and cite, if necessary. Ipaddict 12:31, 23 December 2006 (PST)

rqs and versions

The current article claims that "all package version numbers must be equal within a package". I don't know where that requirement comes from. The gendist manpage says that "A version number should be specified at the image level", i.e. the eoe image can have exactly one version number, the opt image another etc.

Further down, it is said that "files that are not ELF binaries should be marked with the norqs option.". I think that's purely optional, since gendist automatically marks only ELF files as "needrqs" and no other files will cause an rqs run when exiting inst. I'm not sure what norqs is good for anyway, except that setting "norqs" might be useful for dynamic libraries that are not shared across multiple executables.