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Welcome to the Nekochan SGI Wiki!

Built by Nekochan members like you since December 11th, 2006! 611 articles in English

The Nekochan SGI wiki is intended to be a collection of information, how to's and tips regarding Silicon Graphics machines, IRIX and related software. This wiki is a work in progress. Feel free to look around and add to it!

The discussion page records the notes and suggestions from users who have edited this page.

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This Wiki is a a place to store information. Because it's very difficult to keep track of who's saying what in an "everyone can edit everything" environment, the Nekochan Forums are better suited to engage in discussions. So, if you'd like to add something to the Wiki but aren't sure how to put it, or you want to get some more feedback and invite people to modify your initial Wiki page, head over to the our forums and create a thread to discuss.

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