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Service for controlling commercial software distribution.

License Manager

The license manager controls commercial software such as the MIPS Pro compilers and Maya.

The license manager gets hash of the primary MAC address and compares it with a license file.

The license manager can be on another computer and runs as a service on a port to check out and check in licenses.



returns the host license ID, the ethernet MAC address or for newer machines a hash of it. Multiple module systems may change lmhostids when adding or removing modules.





If the software which requires license crashes (most likely with Bus Error or Segmentation Fault), it's possible it's because of licensing issues. Please make sure that you only have one single master file with all the licenses under /var/flexlm/ - if you have more than one some applications get confused and crash.

If this doesn't help, try to investigate system calls being executed just before the crash with strace or par, you may at least be able to narrow down your search.

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