Apple III+ Clock Maintenance

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It’s been a long time since I posted anything regarding retrocomputing, partially due to lack of time in general, but also because many of the projects I’ve undertaken as of late have been on more modern hardware. Now that the holidays are coming around, I have a little more time to play with some of my old toys.

One project that’s been in the wings since last August is  a new clock kit install for my trusty Apple III+. The Apple III’s current clock chip generates a fault during diagnostics, and the three cell AA battery holder suffered from leaky battery syndrome. I’d done a quick and dirty repair to it after taking the system under my wing a couple years back, but it certainly could use a replacement.

The upgrade kit itself is NOS (new old stock) and contains the battery holder, wiring harness and the clock chip itself — an MM58167AN. Also included is a motherboard connection clip/yoke that isn’t used on a III+ since the clock connector is integral to the newer design.

Most of the hassle of the install involves removal of the system’s expansion cards (in my case, a set of Titan III+IIe emulation boards with attendant cabling), the motherboard base plate, and lastly, a series of cables on the motherboard itself (speaker, keyboard, disk, video interlace, clock and power). I took several photos of the system during disassembly to ensure everything wound up looking the same during reassembly. 

All in all it was a fairly painless procedure, and everything worked as advertised once the job was finished.

I hope to be able to finish a few more tasks like this one over the next few weeks and will post again once they occur.


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