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Chromawaves Demo for IRIX

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Another great creation by Martin Steen this week!


“Chromawaves” is an interactive OpenGL demo featuring colorful waves which can be panned and zoomed via a mouse. Downloads for both binary and sourcecode can be found in this forum thread.

Fractal Benchmark for IRIX

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Here’s another one of Martin Steen’s fun IRIX programs. Fractal Benchmark is a utility that serves as both a multi-threaded benchmark as well as an attractive fractal generator.


An IRIX binary download and information on its use can be found in this forum thread. It’s a fun way to test out the performance of your machine and generate some nice artwork at the same time. Worth checking out.

Die Planeten - Version 1.3

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Adding to the deluge of IRIX goodness, this afternoon Martin Steen announced an update to his awe inspiring planetarium software for IRIX.


New features in this version include:

  • Displays the whole solar system with the sun
  • Orbits of the moons and planets are shown
  • “-lame” commandline switch for machines without hardware-OpenGL

More information and the download link can be found in this thread (scroll down for the latest version).

Twitter Troubles

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I made my first social networking faux pas this afternoon, clicking on a direct link offered from a noted computer scientist whom I follow. Before I knew it, every one of my followers was spammed with the “Mafia” twitter virus as detailed on the Register.


I sincerely apologize for this. I betrayed the trust of those following me, and I feel awful about it.

Thumbo for IRIX

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Earlier this summer, Martin Steen announced a new command line utility for IRIX entitled Thumbo.


Thumbo is a small tool for creating thumbnails from a folder of images for use on the web. A binary download for Thumbo can be found on the project web site:


A discussion thread for feedback and more information can be found here.

irssi 0.8.14 IRC Client for IRIX

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Continuing down the backlog of recent IRIX ports, uridium has announced the availability of an IRIX native build of the latest irssi IRC client.


Not being much of an IRC user myself I gave it just a cursory run, but it seems to work well. A download link for the binary tarball can be found here (scroll down a bit for the latest version). Give it a try and be sure to let uridium know if it works for you!

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