Running With ADTPro


A while back I mentioned my desire to get ADTPro running and transfer some disk images back and forth from my Apple II/III machines. I’d planned on ordering a serial cable for the IIc and IIgs to that end.

While I did actually order that cable, at some point after its arrival I shuffled it into the chaos that is my apartment - once I finally decided to try it out with the Apple III CP/M diskette it was nowhere to be found. Fortunately, neither the Apple IIe or III+ require the problematic DIN-5 serial connector, so I was able to bootstrap ADTPro using a standard 25-pin serial cable, leaving the IIc and IIgs out of the fun for now.

I ran the server software on my MacBook Air using a USB to serial converter. The bootstrap process was performed on the IIe by first booting ProDOS, selecting the Super Serial Card via “IN#1” (slot 1), and sending a command string which echos serial input to the console (first hitting CRTL-I then entering “14B” at the SSC prompt). At this point, the client software is streamed in and executed. Once the client is up and running on the Apple II, you simply write out a client boot diskette so you won’t need to go through the bootstrap process again (unless you’re entertaining guests or something). As a bonus, the ADTPro client diskette is also bootable on the Apple III which saves some work.


After creating the client boot diskette, I transferred an image of the Apple III CP/M diskette to the MacBook Air and uploaded a copy to the Asimov FTP archive. I’ve also mirrored a copy locally on FTP just in case.


A sight that a mother (or father) would be proud of. Maybe all those late nights working on ADTPro were worth it after all!

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