Taking Inventory of the IMSAI PCS-80/15


I finally took inventory of the cards installed in the IMSAI PCS-80/15 chassis I received last month. Here is the breakdown:


  • Processor Interfaces Inc. Cartridge Disk Controller (this is apparently a hard disk controller)
  • IMSAI MIO Rev 2
  • CCS (California Computer Systems) Model 2718A 2 Serial + 2 Parallel (two of these installed, only one routed to the back panel)
  • JTM 16K RAM (two of these installed)
  • Artec Electronics 32K-100 Rev 0
  • CCS Model 2422 Multimode Floppy Controller
  • CCS Model 2810A Z80 CPU

Looks like quite a bit of serial/parallel duplication - the IMSAI MIO and two of the CCS 2718As. Not sure if this is because one or more of the cards are squirrely; I’m just going to have to play around with them when I get a Variac.

It is really sweet that it has a Z80 CPU though, as that opens up the possibility of using a HarteTec Super I/O Controller. I also have a Vector Graphics Inc. 64K RAM board I can drop in there if need be.


Now I need to chase down documentation for these cards. Unlike the IMSAI 8080, this guy came bare. However, I can’t complain for the price!

Another cool thing to add might be the S-100 Bus Probe currently being offered on eBay as a kit or a pre-build. There’s a YouTube video of it in action (linked below):


You have a really terrific blog going here Pete! I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do with these IMSAIs. They look like wonderful machines.

I am seeking information on the JTM 16K memory cards. Of particular interest is what are the functions of the two switches labeled "BO" and "BD" (not sure if that is B "letter O" or B "numeral zero"). If anyone has this, please advise. I have figured out most of the rest of the switches.

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