Stepping Up To RAMWorks III

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Last month I wrote about the acquisition and repair of an original Applied Engineering RAMWorks card. Since then, I stumbled into a good deal on a 1MB RAMWorks III and decided to upgrade.


The card is very similar to the original RAMWorks - it even uses the same RAM chips, just more of them. Also like the RAMWorks, it can support an optional daughter card to increase memory capacity - this time up to 3MB. These daughter cards are virtually impossible to find though, so it’s pretty much limited to the installed 1MB.


My RAMWorks III arrived with rows of pretty metal/ceramic RAM chips installed. Regrettably, one of the chips failed the diagnostic and had to be replaced with a plastic package chip from my spares (an extra 256Kx1 I’d purchased during the RAMWorks repair last month). Now the card passes diagnostics and I’m able to successfully create a 1024K CP/AM RAM drive.


My Platinum Apple IIe is starting to really shape up into a nice system. I added a DuoDisk not long ago, and I also have a hand-held scanner with interface card standing by that I need to try out soon.

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