Apple IIgs CFFA


I finally took a trip down to Fry’s yesterday afternoon and picked up an adequate Compact Flash card for the CFFA - something I’ve been meaning to do for weeks now. They didn’t really have much of a selection to choose from, but I found a 2GB Kingston card for $15 which does the trick.


This morning I installed the new CF in place of the 16MB evaluation card, created a few 32MB ProDOS partitions and installed GS/OS 6.0.1 on the first. Everything went smoothly, and the machine boots up just fine. A pretty sweet setup all in all! I’d considered going with an Apple High Speed SCSI card, but this is really the superior option - it’s fast, quiet and has plenty of capacity to go around. Plus it’s pretty easy to read/write the CF cards on a modern machine for file transfer.

Yesterday afternoon I purchased a sheet of acrylic from Home Depot and cut a new monitor shield for my Neo Geo arcade machine. What an improvement that makes - it was somewhat tiresome looking through all the carved initials on the old one. I think I’m just about ready to move into the painting phase - I should order up some side art vinyl and a monitor bezel to get ready for that.


Cool, nekonoko. Kind of makes me wish I had the time to get my IIgs out of storage and play with it. I never did (8 years ago) find an Apple SCSI Hard Disk (one that worked) to boot GS/OS from. Last I touched my IIgs it was using two 3.5" Floppy drives, one booting GS/OS, and the other loading Applications. Also, I never did find "Wolfenstein 3D" for it.

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