Recapping and the N8VEM Taking Shape

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I’ve done quite a bit of soldering over the past couple of days.

Yesterday, I dove into the monitor in my Neo Geo cabinet and performed an extensive capacitor replacement. I’d recapped it somewhat a little while ago and that really cleared it up quite a bit, but it was still blurrier than I would prefer. This time I replaced every capacitor on the chassis, including the capacitor on the neck board.


What a difference it made, too. In fact, the new neck board capacitor completely threw the color balance out of whack as it had been tuned against the old, dried out electrolytic. After adjusting everything, it’s pretty darn nice - great color and it no longer blurs after it’s been powered up a while.

I’ve also nearly completed the N8VEM single board computer. In fact, I’d be performing the smoke test right now, but Digi-Key seems to have neglected to include a couple of the components in the shipping box even though they show up on the invoice. I put in one last mop-up component order this evening, so hopefully I can finally smoke - er, power up - the unit in the not too distant future!


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