Other Projects and Poking Around the Kaypro II

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I have lots of projects going on at the moment - I usually like to save the blog entries until I’ve completed something so I don’t get too boring with progress updates. Unfortunately I have so many irons in the fire right now there aren’t a lot of completed projects to report on.

Here are some of the various things I have going on at the moment:

CFFA card in Apple IIgs: The card has arrived and is currently installed in slot 7. I performed a test install of GS/OS 6.0.1 on the supplied 16MB test card and it boots right up, but I don’t want to head too far down that road until I grab a bigger CF card.

BOS on Apple III: Recently obtained BOS (“Bob’s Operating System”; replacement for Apple SOS) from Washington Apple Pi. I plan to install this on the ProFile drive in the near future.

ADTPro on Apple II: Have the cable, just need to sit down and try moving some disk images back and forth between an Apple II or III and my Mac.

TOP-DOS on Atari 800: I’ve received the original OS diskette and manual - need to test drive it.

Power up IMSAI 8085: Already talked about this machine a couple days ago, but it’s certainly something that’s still on the schedule as well. The 8” drives on this beast dovetail nicely with the 8” diskette project I’d mentioned earlier for the TRS-80 Model II; I’d like to be able use these drives to create boot disks.

Create new keyboard cable for TRS-80 Model 16b: Yeah, this is another recent acquisition. My 16b doesn’t have a keyboard and the Model II’s keyboard won’t work as-is since Tandy reversed the cable layout (the Model II has an integrated keyboard cable and the 16b has the keyboard cable on the keyboard itself). I’m going to order the parts to make a new cable that should allow the Model II keyboard to work with the 16b.

N8VEM SBC build: I’ve ordered the bare boards for the N8VEM single board computer and ECB backplane. Once they arrive I’ll need to order the components and start assembling it. I’m really looking forward to this project!

I have a bunch of other projects of varying size out there in addition these, but this is getting too long as it as. I’ll stop making excuses for not getting something done and cut into something I did work on today.


I played around with the Kaypro II a bit this afternoon. As mentioned earlier, this was a freebie I’d picked up last week. I may have given the impression it was 100% functional due to my glee over the IMSAI acquisition, but the truth is that despite powering up and requesting a boot diskette, the drives themselves failed to seek.

So I opened the machine and poked around a bit. Everything looked pretty decent except the large power bus connector on the power supply seemed to be backed off the pins just a tad. I reseated it and tried the machine. It booted CP/M 2.2 off drive A: without issue. Easy fix!


Also happy to report that both the CP/M 2.2 and MEX diskettes work. I also tried the CP/M diskette in my Kaypro 2X but it failed to read it. Not a huge surprise as I’ve heard it needs a special version of CP/M despite being a “2” (it’s apparently more like the “4” than the “II”; Kaypro was rather annoying with their somewhat mentally imbalanced machine version scheme. Heck, their first machine was the II!)


And that’s all for this weekend - I’ll have more during the coming week.

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