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I took some time yesterday afternoon to try out an ICD Flicker Free Video 2 I’d recently picked up.


The Flicker Free Video 2 is a small card that plugs into the Denise socket in older Amiga systems. In addition to the board itself, it arrived with documentation and a driver diskette.

The install process was rife with problems. More than likely unrelated - but annoying nonetheless: a capacitor exploded on my Newtek Video Toaster immediately after applying power to the system.

I also encountered nearly insurmountable problems actually mounting the Flicker Free Video to the Denise socket. Small cutouts on the card, presumably designed to allow it to fit around large motherboard components (such as capacitors), just do not align in the slightest fashion to the topography of the Amiga 2000 motherboard. This made it extremely difficult to mount. I was able to get it to work somewhat by adding a second socket to the motherboard which provided a bit of elevation, but it was still a really dodgy install.


Once “mounted” (and after the smoke had cleared from the Video Toaster), I was able to get a really nice picture on an attached LCD monitor. After reassembling the A2000 however, the FFV ceased to output a usable signal. While troubleshooting this, a pin snapped on the makeshift socket booster I’d cobbled together, so all further investigation is now off the menu until another socket arrives via Digikey. On the bright side, the Amiga still seems to work normally using the traditional monitor output.


Knowing that ICD actually sold this card as an A2000 compatible part, I really wonder what they were thinking when it came to the design of the board - it’s just crap. Maybe it aligns okay on an A500, but given a choice, I’d recommend an external scan doubler solution over this one. There’s much less pain involved.

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