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This morning I managed to get my Applied Engineering RAMWorks card up and running in the Apple IIe Platinum.


A couple weeks back I picked up the RAMWorks card (with 256K installed), a set of floppy media with utilities and diagnostics, and an additional 256K in HM50256P-15 DRAM chips - all from different eBay sellers. Once the three packages arrived, I was ready to give it all a try.


I carefully installed the DRAM chips, inserted the card in the IIe’s auxiliary slot and booted the diagnostics. The excellent diagnostics utility goes so far as to display the layout of the card on screen and marks any bad DRAM chips for easy troubleshooting.


Sure enough, I had one bad chip and hadn’t bothered to order an extra. I performed basic troubleshooting: moved the chip to a different socket (failed in new socket) and tried a replacement DRAM from a GS RAM card (passed). I then put everything aside while I waited for a couple more DRAM chips to arrive.


Now that everything is up and running, I can allocate a RAM drive under CP/AM which is nice. It’s too bad the original RAMWorks can’t reach a full megabyte though - it requires an unobtainium daughter card in order to perform that feat. Should still be adequate for my purposes though, and it was kind of fun snapping some chips in the sockets. What can I say - I’m easily amused.

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