Briel 4MB GS RAM


This past weekend I set aside a bit of time to install some additional RAM into my IIgs in preparation for a new CFFA and GS/OS 6.0.1 upgrade in the coming days.


I’ve been shopping around for a 4-8MB RAM card to replace my old school 1.5MB Applied Engineering GS-RAM card for a couple months, and finally pulled the trigger on Briel Computer’s 4MB GS RAM card. There are a couple existing vendors of GS RAM cards out there at the moment, but Briel’s offering can be had for $55 via their eBay store, less than a third of the 8MB Sirius RAM IIgs’ hefty $179 price tag. Considering most software won’t take advantage of more than 4MB RAM (not to mention disabled DMA for anything above 4MB), the allure of having the maximum possible RAM in my GS just wasn’t compelling enough.


The Briel card is quite cute, opting to use what appear to be standard SIMM modules rather than the discrete RAM chips found on most GS RAM expansions. This greatly reduces its footprint.

Installation was a breeze - I simply popped the top of the GS, removed the old Applied Engineering card and shoved the new Briel card in its place. A quick reboot and a glance at the memory control panel confirmed the new RAM was fully recognized and operating as expected. Fortunately, there do not appear to be any conflicts with the existing TransWarp GS card.


I’ll report more once the CFFA arrives - that’s when the fun should really start for this particular machine.


Cool to read about your GS upgrades. I used to have a IIgs back around 90-92- I was an amiga-guy (still am) but I got one used as a curiosity. Very enjoyable and had a ton of fun with it. Sounds like they are cheap and may pick one up myself again to play with.

Thanks! Keep up the posts - 'cant wait to read the update.

Great to hear. I was tempted in your Atari posts to say, "Give this man a miggy!" :)

Let me know if I can help with your upgrades..and I do have some extra hardware if you need it for your A2000.

Back to the IIgs...
The one development that I never investigated that comes to mind is the GNO - mutitasking kernal upgrade for the IIgs. Sounded cool - but I don't know if it ever got off the ground.

Love it. Decided to finally register on the MT so I could post replies to your blog.

Keep up with the cool pics of the internal working of olds systems. Great to see these old beasts still chugging.

RE: A2K Hardware -Nothing too flashy for the A2k but.. I have 2 machines that you can rip for spares that include a few HDs and SCSI controllers, I think I have a Firecracker card,and a few odds and ends that seem to gather dust. :) Hence my offer.
More or less - if your existing A2K is dead we probably can revive it with the spares.

RE: GNO for IIgs: I did a bit of brief looking - this may be the site to start with. Looks like development has taken a bit of a slowdown. From what I gather to get the IIgs TCP/IP stack to work you must have GNO 2.0.6.

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