Nekoware Software Roundup

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Though a lot of Nekoware updates of late have been of the maintenance/update variety, emachine has been busy over the past couple months porting some new and unique Nekoware packages.

First up is Icarus Verilog, a hardware description language for modeling electronic systems. This package can be found in Nekoware as neko_iverilog on your favorite mirror site, and further information and discussion can be found in this thread.

Next is Bochs 2.3.7, an x86 system emulator capable of running operating systems such as FreeDOS or Linux. The pacakge can be found in Nekoware as neko_bochs-2.3.7. For further discussion and information, see this forum thread.

Now on to a bit of fun - SuperTuxKart 0.5, a 3D cart racing game. I tried this out on my Onyx2 not long ago and it ran nicely and was a lot of fun, though I seemed to spend most of my time off road, no doubt due to my amazing skill. The game can be found in Nekoware as neko_supertuxkart-0.5 and the thread with further info and discussion is here.


Finally we have KEGS - Kent’s Emulated GS - an emulator for the Apple IIgs. This is another fun program that lets you run the gamut of Apple II software. Certainly worth checking out if you’re a retro computing fan. This package can be found in Nekoware as neko_kegs-0.91 and further discussion/info can be found here.


Thanks go out again to emachine for creating these packages - be sure to check them out and say some nice things in the linked forum threads.

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