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IRIX Blender 2.44 Released

Earlier today, Charles (Jarndyce911) announced the immediate availability of IRIX Blender 2.44! At this time, you can grab it here:

It should also show up on the main Blender download page at some point.

A complete list of new features and release notes for version 2.44 is available as well. Forum discussion can be found here.

DJV Imaging 0.6.1

An update to DJV is now available:


Just a small bump to let everyone know I have a new release out; this one includes support for Cineon images and faster DPX image I/O.

Thanks for all the feedback!

As before, discussion can be found in this forum thread.

Easy Desktop Backgrounds

deBug has posted a very slick typerule/script package that greatly simplifies the process of adding desktop backgrounds, making it a simple point and click affair. This forum thread contains the download link as well as a great visual walkthrough of the popup menu. IRIX 6.5.22 or greater is required.

Blender 2.44RC2 Ready For Testing

A new Blender release candidate has arrived today courtesy of Charles (Jarndyce911). This release appears to solve the "iconv" problems reported with 2.43, so definitely check it out if you were having issues.

The tarball is currently available directly from

Discussion/feedback can be found in this forum thread.

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