Blender 2.43RC1 Ready For Testing

First item for the new year - IRIX Blender is alive and well! Charles (Jarndyce911) has done an incredible job porting and supporting Blender for IRIX during one of the most exciting times in Blender's history. He recently posted an announcement in the forum soliciting feedback on a new test build of the upcoming 2.43RC1 release:

Alright, Blender 2.43RC1 is now available for the Irix platform! The link is below:

I probably will not put together the Nekoware version until after the final version is released as I have been awfully busy lately. In fact I compiled the above version from Japan since I am here on business.

Please let me know if you have any problem. And thanks to all in advance for testing and continuing to support the Irix version of Blender!

Give it a try and report any issues you encounter. Also be sure to check out the current 2.42 release (also courtesy of Jarndyce911) - it's well worth a look too.

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