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IRIX YafRay 0.0.8

Here's something that IRIX Blender fans should be happy to see - a wonderful port of the latest YafRay to IRIX by our own dexter1, available now at a Nekoware mirror near you.

YafRay is a powerful raytracer which can be used either stand alone or as a plugin for 3D applications such as Blender. Some of it's features include full global, skydome and HDRI illumination, caustics, real DOF, glossy/blurry reflections and distributed rendering.

Lots of new features in this release - a complete changelog can be found on the YafRay site. Give it a try and discuss in the forum.

Ayam 1.8.3 Released

A new release of Ayam this week; here's the list of changes:

[5. Jul 2005] Ayam 1.8.3:
o bug fixes:
- fixed moving of tagged points of multiple selected objects (SF 1220972)
- fixed notification of multiple modified objects upon undo/redo (SF 1223494)
o improved import option dialogue of "rrib" plugin (added FileName)
o improved import and export option dialogues of "onio" plugin (added FileName)
o file, multiple file, and multiple directory property GUI elements now automatically scroll to the end after a "Set" operation to show the more relevant part of the changed value
o added Wavefront OBJ import (supporting trimmed NURBS and polygonal faces with texture coordinates)
o added support for Hyperboloid and Paraboloid objects to 3DMF export
o improved error reporting of "onio" plugin
o added support for importing polygonal meshes to the "onio" plugin
o added option to merge PV tags of PolyMesh objects to merge PolyMesh tool
o Main menu entry "Special/Resolve All Instances" no longer completely resets the tree widget so that it is more clear, that it really just operates in the current level (and below)
o onio import now handles texture coordinates for polymesh objects
o onio export now handles polymesh objects (with texture coordinates)
o Wavefront OBJ export now supports export of all quadrics as NURBS
o added instant apply facility to all property GUI elements, holding down the "Shift" button while interacting with buttons and menus and pressing the "Enter" key in entries will cause an instant apply now
o improved initial knot type of Skin objects (now NURBS instead of Bezier)

As before, a MIPS3 binary is available.

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