Over the years I've found SETI@Home to be a fun way to chew some extra CPU cycles when a system is not otherwise occupied. Now that the "classic" SETI@Home project has pretty much fallen off the radar I finally got around to setting up the newer BOINC client on one of my O2s.

This first step is to of course obtain IRIX builds of both the BOINC client as well as the new SETI@Home client, neither of which are actually offered by the SETI@Home project at this point. There are some serviceable and fairly recent IRIX versions available in this (offsite) thread; as of this writing BOINC V4.58 and SETI V4.30 are offered along with a short checklist to get things set up and running. There's also a local Nekochan SETI@Home discussion in this thread.

If the links to these files disappear at some point let me know and I'll make certain to mirror them here on Nekochan. Also, if anyone's interested I've set up a "Nekochan" SETI team as well.

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