SlimDesktop v0.05: Desktop Customization Modules for 4DWM

Diego of Generatrix Development recently released a new SlimDesktop tardist which contains a slew of desktop customization modules:



* Generatrix SlimDesktop M01~M13 V0.05 (Beta) *
* Desktop Customization Modules *

(Wed. Apr 13, 2005)


MIPS4 Based Machines From SGI (Silicon Graphics Inc.)
With 4Dwm ("The IRIS Extended Motif Window Manager") Installed And Running.


* Customization Of 4Dwm Indigo Magic Desktop To Slim Lines To Make Full Use Of The Whole Desktop Spatial Resolution By Mean Of A TarDist Fully Automated Installation.

* Also Includes The Following Desktop Customization Modules:

M01 V0.05 (Beta) -> Backgrounds
M02 V0.05 (Beta) -> C Shell Resources
M03 V0.05 (Beta) -> 4Dwm Application Defaults
M04 V0.05 (Beta) -> MPlayer FileType Icons/Rules
M05 V0.05 (Beta) -> NEdit 5.5 RC1
M06 V0.05 (Beta) -> NixieClock
M07 V0.05 (Beta) -> Color Schemes
M08 V0.05 (Beta) -> SGI Session
M09 V0.05 (Beta) -> Toolchest
M10 V0.05 (Beta) -> Video Format Compiler
M11 V0.05 (Beta) -> YafRay Version 0.06
M12 V0.05 (Beta) -> Blender Version 2.36
M13 V0.05 (Beta) -> QEMU Version 0.6.1

The tardist is available in Diego's download area; discussion in this forum thread.

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