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Blender 2.37 Released

Blender 2.37 is out and an IRIX 6.5 MIPS3 binary is currently available from the Blender download page.

Lots of updates in this release including soft bodies, subdivision surfaces, new transformation tools and much more. A complete list of the new features, along with examples and descriptions can be found in the Blender 2.37 release log.

Nekoware Firefox 1.0.4

Foetz has uploaded a fresh IRIX build of Firefox 1.0.4 which addresses several widely publicized "highly critical" security flaws. It's not clear if these exploits pose a threat under IRIX but it certainly doesn't hurt to be safe.

The updated version can be found in the Nekoware 'current' directory (as of this posting it might still be under 'beta' on the mirrors); related discussion can be found in this thread.

Diego of Generatrix Development recently released a new SlimDesktop tardist which contains a slew of desktop customization modules:



* Generatrix SlimDesktop M01~M13 V0.05 (Beta) *
* Desktop Customization Modules *

(Wed. Apr 13, 2005)


MIPS4 Based Machines From SGI (Silicon Graphics Inc.)
With 4Dwm ("The IRIS Extended Motif Window Manager") Installed And Running.


* Customization Of 4Dwm Indigo Magic Desktop To Slim Lines To Make Full Use Of The Whole Desktop Spatial Resolution By Mean Of A TarDist Fully Automated Installation.

* Also Includes The Following Desktop Customization Modules:

M01 V0.05 (Beta) -> Backgrounds
M02 V0.05 (Beta) -> C Shell Resources
M03 V0.05 (Beta) -> 4Dwm Application Defaults
M04 V0.05 (Beta) -> MPlayer FileType Icons/Rules
M05 V0.05 (Beta) -> NEdit 5.5 RC1
M06 V0.05 (Beta) -> NixieClock
M07 V0.05 (Beta) -> Color Schemes
M08 V0.05 (Beta) -> SGI Session
M09 V0.05 (Beta) -> Toolchest
M10 V0.05 (Beta) -> Video Format Compiler
M11 V0.05 (Beta) -> YafRay Version 0.06
M12 V0.05 (Beta) -> Blender Version 2.36
M13 V0.05 (Beta) -> QEMU Version 0.6.1

The tardist is available in Diego's download area; discussion in this forum thread.

Realsoft3D v5.1 Released

This past week nvukovlj announced the latest release of Realsoft3D 5.1 for IRIX on the forum:

Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know that Realsoft have released v5.1 of Realsoft 3D for Irix.
The package is still Beta (same as the Linux version), but basically, this doesn't mean that it is any less stable, but it does mean that it lacks behind in release schedule than the Windows version.
The benefit is that a lot of the bugs found in the Windows version are fixed by the time the Irix release comes out, and that the Irix licence can also be used for the Linux version.

The Irix and Linux versions are also considerably cheaper.

If you want to find out about the features of v5, check out the following URL: and here:

Anyway, there is an 'eval' version available for download now (not time limited, but rendering res. limited) from here:

Let me know if you encounter any problems.

Let me know if you like it as well. It would be good for Realsoft to know if anyone is interested in their keeping the Irix version going.
I'm helping out on that front (just minor aspects of the porting, so can't take credit for either the features or the bugs. ), and will keep doing that while there's interest, since I barely get to use it these days due to work commitments.


Comments and other feedback are in this forum thread. Enjoy!

Newsforge: "My Workstation OS: Irix"

Robert Mertling-Blake has written a nice article for Newsforge extolling the virtues of the SGI/IRIX platform. Nekochan gets a mention alongside the excellent Iconbar project and Ian Mapleson's incredible resource page. Definitely worth checking out!

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