Nekoware Screensavers Reloaded

Hi all, I'm proud to announce freshened up versions of xscreensaver-4.21 fireflies-2.0.6 and rss-glx-0.7.6 for Nekoware:




First Nekoware packages were made by Squeen, check out the previous Blog Entry.
Xscreensaver 4.21 has a few new hacks added and i have fixed all the problematic GL-savers which would not work properly on OpenGL 1.1 machines like the O2, Indigo2, Octane MGRAS and even RealityEngines. Check out glMatrix and Starwars:

And check out Extrusion and FlyingToasters:

Also the xscreensaver config file now has reallyslick and fireflies screensaver checkboxes included, so there's no need to hack your ~/.xscreensaver file anymore. Plus i have thrown in two scripts for ElectroPaint and Powerflip.

Reallyslick screensavers a.k.a. rss-glx-0.7.6 is still the latest version, but i fixed display bugs, most notable in lattice, which did not show ghostly and computer texture on Impact/MGRAS:

As a dessert the package will install config files for all Reallyslick screensavers which will show up in the native 4Dwm screensaver panel, so you can select them.

Fireflies has gained some speed by replacing double typed gl-calls with floats:

More info on this forum thread.

I hope you like it. Enjoy!

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