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Wired: Whatever Happened to SGI?

Wired News has published a nice little piece focusing on SGI/IRIX hobbyists - Nekochan is mentioned as well. Definitely worth the read.

Update: Wired News Japan just picked up the story under the title "SGI-shasei "Indy", Fan ni nezuyoi ninki" which is roughly "SGI-made "Indy" Still Popular With Devoted Fans".

Nekochan Server Troubles

The Origin 200 servers that power Nekochan both died the other day. I've been working to restore service using the O2 that previously hosted the site, but it's been slow going. No data was lost and I will to continue to restore functionality as time permits.

I hope to purchase replacement servers sometime in January or February so please bear with me until then.

Update: The migration is now complete.

IRIX 6.5.26 Released

SGI has updated IRIX to version 6.5.26 which is now available for download from SGI's Supportfolio website.

A complete list of changes can be found here.

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