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New Software - Nekoware Mozilla

Foetz, the patron saint of IRIX web surfers, has put together another timely update of the Mozilla web browser for folks running IRIX 6.5.21 and up. This one is a packaging of release 1.8a3 in the style of the other Nekoware offerings: as a MIPSPro (MIPS4) tardist installable using either inst or the IRIX SoftwareManager. It has been runtime linked to find the necessary libraries, so no messing with library paths. The installed executable is placed in /usr/nekoware/bin. This is a deluxe edition and includes the web browser, HTML Composer, Mail and Newsgroups, Chatzilla, Password Manager and spell checker! It is also built against the gtk+2.4 libraries with anti-aliased fonts. Like all nekoware, the source is bundled as an optionally installable subsystem. All and all, this city eating monster weighs in at 72 MB (don't say bloat, don't say bloat!...awww, I asked you not to say it! ). For those of you prefering something lighter, the Firefox builds in foetz's contrib directory are an excellent alternative and compatable with the nekoware libaries as well. Enjoy!

Get it here : neko_mozilla-1.8a3.tardist (72 MB)!

You'll also find a copy of neko_samba-3.0.6.tardist from foetz there as well.

IRIX 6.5.25 Released

IRIX 6.5.25 is now available and can be downloaded with a valid support contract. 6.5.22m is also available to all Supportfolio members.

New SGI Related Mailing Lists

Shawn from wrote that he's set up a few new mailing lists for SGI/IRIX users. These new lists include "sgi-rescue" "irix" and "big-iron". Be sure to drop by and sign up if interested.

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