New Nekoware - Xscreensaver 4.16

For those brave souls willing to beta test our Nekoware collection, a new top level application is availible, Xscreensaver 4.16. This version has been compiled with the GTK+ 2.4 front-end (/usr/nekoware/bin/xscreensaver-demo) and offers a few nice features over version 4.01 (which is available on the SGI freeware site), including the abilities to edit of the individual hack's settings via the GUI.

New screensaver hacks include:

anemone antinspect antspotlight
apple2 atunnels blinkbox
bouncingcow cloudlife cubestorm
endgame eruption flipflop
flurry flyingtoasters fontglide
fuzzyflakes glblur gleidescope
glknots glslideshow halftone
hypertorus jigglypuff klein
lavalite metaballs mirrorblob
mismunch noof pacman
piecewise polyhedra polytopes
pong providence queens
spheremonics wormhole xanalogtv

I also rebuilt Really Slick Screen Savers 0.76 and Fireflies 2.06 to be compatible with the nekoware distribution. In order to access these hacks add the following to your ~/.xscreensaver file:

GL: biof -r \n\
GL: busyspheres -r \n\
GL: colorfire -r \n\
GL: cyclone -r \n\
GL: euphoria -r \n\
GL: fieldlines -r \n\
GL: fireflies -root \n\
GL: flocks -r \n\
GL: flux -r \n\
GL: helios -r \n\
GL: hufo_smoke -r \n\
GL: hufo_tunnel -r \n\
GL: lattice -r \n\
GL: matrixview -r \n\
GL: plasma -r \n\
GL: skyrocket -r \n\
GL: solarwinds -r \n\
GL: spirographx -r \n\
GL: sundancer2 -r \n\

For more info (including warnings and caveats) see this entry in the Nekoware feedback thread.

To download the packages follow this link.

For additional tips on screensavers under IRIX see this news item.

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