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New Nekoware - Xscreensaver 4.16

For those brave souls willing to beta test our Nekoware collection, a new top level application is availible, Xscreensaver 4.16. This version has been compiled with the GTK+ 2.4 front-end (/usr/nekoware/bin/xscreensaver-demo) and offers a few nice features over version 4.01 (which is available on the SGI freeware site), including the abilities to edit of the individual hack's settings via the GUI.

Resurrecting an Onyx2

Joe Gill recently posted a link on Usenet for his newly created weblog detailing his efforts on getting a Onyx2 machine up a running, complete with pictures and part numbers. The machine apparently isn't functional yet, but it's already shaping up to be quite a nice documentary!

New IRIX 3D Software

The past couple of months saw several 3D package updates for IRIX, ranging from the free Blender to Maya.

Blender 2.33a Released May 14th: More Info

The IRIX version can be downloaded here. IRIX 6.5.20 or greater may be required - I found mention in the forum of unresolved symbols under 6.5.17. More discussion in this forum thread.

Houdini Apprentice 6.5.67 BETA Released May 14th: Download Link

This is actually a beta release - the current version stands at 6.5.83 released May 28th, but there doesn't seem to be an IRIX download. Whether this will change soon or not I have no idea - I posted a query in the forums asking for more information.

If anyone encounters stability issues with the 6.5.x series, the IRIX build of 6.1.208 is still available for download. Discussion in this forum thread.

Alias Maya 6 Released April 26th: More Info

Note that Maya 6 requires IRIX 6.5.15 or higher. Discussion in this forum thread.

Realsoft 3D 4.5 SP1 Released April 5th: Download Link

We covered this one already but it deserves to be up here with the rest. More information and feedback in this forum thread.

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