Realsoft3D v4.5 SP1 Released

Forum member nvukovlj recently announced the immediate availability of a new version of Realsoft3D for IRIX:

Realsoft have released an update to Realsoft3D v4.5 SP1 for IRIX.

You can get the latest revision from here:

Some changes with this revision:

It is finally n32 and is now mips4 only.
It has Michael Schmelling's plugins included with it. Information about these plugins can be obtained from

The new revision should render approx. 10% quicker than the old. You can use the benchmark scene available from their site to check this out, although for the demo version you'll need to decrease the res to 300x300

During the setup in the User Information -dialog just type "demo" in the
serial number box.

As I have mentioned earlier in the thread, since I am involved with maintaining the Irix version, you can direct any issues you find with it to me, however, I would also encourage anyone who likes the software to purchase it, as you get it for much less than the Windows version and keep the platform supported.


Be sure to leave any comments/questions in this forum thread.

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