NO:magic's Capture For O2

I came across this press release today for a new O2 compressed video capture tool:

NO:magic just made compressed capturing on the SGI O2 even better!

Capture for use with Silicon Graphics O2 systems is capturing system optimised for capturing audio and compressed imagery from external sources

Frustrated with losing frames while capturing video footage with your Silicon Graphics O2? Well NO:magic have the answer!

With NO:magic's Capture for use with SGI O2 systems you'll be capturing frames or fields of footage in no time, while taking full advantage of the O2's real-time Image Compression Engine.

NO:magic's Capture is an easy to use GUI based capturing system that fully integrates with your O2's existing Digital Media Tools.

About NO:magic
NO:magic is a bespoke software development company specialising in 'neat ideas'. Formed in the third quarter of 2003 with the simple goals of generating, building, productising and licensing 'neat ideas'.

NO:magic - 2004-03-29 18:16:35

There's a tardist of the package available at:

No idea of pricing on this one - though I fear the lack of pricing information in the press release as well as on the website translates to "not priced for hobbyists". It would be wonderful to be wrong though.

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