Mozilla 1.7b Released


Another month, another Mozilla milestone release - Mozilla 1.7b is now out and foetz has provided us all with a IRIX build.

Mozilla 1.7b fixes some 400 additional issues and undoubtedly introduces a few more; be sure to check out the Mozilla 1.7b README for more information on some of these changes.

Note: This release depends on tardists outside the current g2office distribution due to missing symbols in GTK+/pango:


Installing foetz's gtk_240 and pango_140 tardists will resolve this, but may cause problems with other g2office programs - I've not had the opportunity to check on this yet. You will also need gettext_0141 as noted in the February 23rd Mozilla 1.7a annoucement.



i'm sorry for the package issues but like neko said
the gtk2 stuff from nekoware is sadly buggy so i had
to rebuild the 4 (atk,glib,gtk,pango).
you should be able to safely replace the 4 packs without
trashing other apps.

Hi... I'm having trouble running this on my Octane running 6.5.21m. I of course started getting errors when I ran the 'mozilla' executable on trying to find libraries. So one by one I install the package (from the same packages that foetz's done) and I find another library that can't be found.

Now I'm stuck on it not finding ''. The problem is, I can't figure out what package would have this library in it....or where I can get it. Can somebody enlighten me please? :)



just grab neko_xft ;-)

hello. Thank you for the binaris.

Having used for a while, I found no major problem with your build. With your new misc packages, that has not caused problems with other gtk2 apps I am using (such as abiword, gftp, gjiten, sylpheedGTK2, BMP, bluefish etc etc.). UIM (an inout method peogram) is working fine with the build(s) apart from minor glitches.

moz_run_program[14]: 1755 Trace/BPT trap(coredump)
Sorry , thats all i get , Mozilla 1.7b
Although Firefox 0.8 works.

6.5.16m IRIX64 IP28

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