FlightGear Flight Simulator version 0.9.4 Released

SkyBound has just announced the immediate availability of FlightGear v0.9.4 for IRIX:

I am pleased to announce the release of FlightGear v0.9.4. It is available for free download from:


The IRIX binary is available at:


FlightGear is a free, open-source, multi-platform flight simulator. The source code is licensed under the GPL.

Precompiled packaged versions are available for most platforms including Windows, Linux, Sgi, Solaris, and Mac OS X.

The IRIX version now lives in the standard conformal /opt/FlightGear-0.9.4 directory and has optimized versions of the main program for mips3/R4k and for mips4/R10k.

Here are a few of the highlights from this release:

- Ability to fetch weather conditions in real-time from the NOAA web site.
- Working VASI/PAPI lights.
- Ability to fly under bridges, taxi into hangers, etc.
- Added a tool to facilitate installing additional scenery chunks.
- Many updated textures and models.
- The San Francisco area has been vastly improved.
- Several new aircraft were added (Comper Swift, Hawker Hunter, and T37 Tweet)
and most of the existing aircraft have been improved in various ways.
- A built in scripting language.
- Updated aircraft AI and ATC modules.
- Complete overhaul of the autopilot system.

For more information on the FlightGear project, please visit our web page at:


You can view a summary of the new features, changes, and bug fixes for this release here:



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