R16000A 800Mhz


SGI has released a press statement yesterday that for the Fuel and Tezro a CPU upgrade to R16000A at 800MHz is now available. No word on Octane2 options :(

Thanks to schleusel for pointing this out on the forum

Read all about it here


Good to see a mips hardware upgrade from sgi! =)

I thought the 800 MHz processor was going to be R18000 with all of the bells and whistles of a new CPU design?? Does this mean that R18K has been canceled? Or does this mean that R18K is only delayed? I may be mistaken, but I think R16K is only a glorified R10K and has none of the cool features that R18K is/was to have.

There have been a few discussions about the r18k on the forum already. It seems like SGI has canceled the development of the r18k CPU. (Read http://forums.nekochan.net/viewtopic.php?t=1533 for example)

Dear Valued SGI Customer:

Thank you for your purchase of the Silicon Graphics� Octane2� visual workstation. We appreciate innovative customers like yourself who have made the Octane2 workstation such a successful platform.

With the introduction of Silicon Graphics� Tezro� visual workstation in July 2003, we began our transition from the Octane2 visual workstation to the new Tezro systems. During this transition we are reducing, and gradually phasing out, the production of Octane2 systems. The intent of this letter is to allow you ample time to plan for your transition from Octane2 to Tezro systems and to let you know about the services we can offer to ensure that the process is a smooth one for you.

We plan to cease new production of Octane2 systems effective June 25, 2004. Octane2 system marketing codes will be removed from the SGI Price Book as of March 26, 2004. The systems affected by this announcement are specified in the attachment to this letter.

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