Mozilla Firebird gets .8 Release and New Name


After reading the "Firefox" announcement on Slashdot I was pleasantly surprised to find a new IRIX build courtesy of foetz waiting in the inbox this morning.

More information on this browser release can be found in the Slashdot article linked above, or in the press release.

Tip: I found it easiest to extract the Firefox tarball under /usr/local. From the Toolchest, select Desktop -> Customize -> Utilities. Under Web Browser select Other, type /usr/local/firefox/firefox in the dialog box and click OK. Now you can run Firefox by selecting Internet -> Open Web Browser from the Toolchest. This will help integrate Firefox into the desktop so elements such as WebJumpers and InfoSearch work as expected.


This is great news!. I've been so impressed with foetz's firebird builds that I don't even bother with 1.4 Mozilla version anymore.

foetz strikes again! COOL!
Now a quick question: does anybody have flash plugin working?

First of all, thank you, foetz and neko-san for providing us the build!!

>Flash Plugin etc...
I installed firefox in /usr/local/firefox

1) Become root.
2) Go into /usr/local/firefox/plugin.
3) Make a text file as follows with a text editor.

ln -s ../../../../var/plugins/macromedia/flash5/ShockwaveFlash.class ShockwaveFlash.class
ln -s ../../../../var/plugins/macromedia/flash5/
ln -s /usr/local/RealPlayer8/

4) Change the permission of text file. e.g. chmod 777 thetextfilyoujustcreated
5) Do ./thetextfilyoujustcreated
6) remove thetextfilyoujustcreated

That's it! Hope it works. Have fun!

Just to clarify re. the Flash plugin:
- You need the Flash5 plugin, available from SGI (it's not on Macromedia's site; the version 4 player from there is built for MIPS3 and doesn't get along with any of these more recent MIPS4 builds)

The actual .class and .so end up in /var/plugins/macromedia/flash5/ so you might want to just symlink from there. making a shell script to do this seems like... overkill?

General Firefox install:
- You need to have IRIX patches 5377 and 3911 installed for this build of Firefox to run if you are on 6.5.8 or earlier. They fix a slew of bugs in the MIPSpro environment. You get weird linker errors about if you are missing the patches. (and you can guess how I found this out)

Thanks for the reply... I had the Macromedia plugin linked already, but I put the exact path to it (i.e. /var/plugins/...) as opposed to what you have (../../var/), it seems to make a difference as it is working now... Cool! Thanks!
Now I can happily retire Mozilla :-)

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