Mozilla 1.7a Released


Mozilla 1.7a was released into the wild today and foetz has brought forth a fresh new IRIX build!

Mozilla 1.7a addresses some 875 separate issues; be sure to check out the Mozilla 1.7a README for more information on some of the changes under the hood.

Note: I just tried this package myself and found it requires foetz's gettext-0.14.1 tardist; the previous version included in SGI Freeware as well as our own G2Office suite will unfortunately not work.


I installed the foetz compile of Mozilla 1.7a and the foetz compile of gettext. It works well, but still runs slower than I would like on O2 R12K/300 and Octane R10K/250. Is still faster than the SGI compile of Mozilla 1.0.1 from applications cd. I have worked my way through the settings menus and done about as much tuning as I know how. Any further performance advice?
Is this version compiled with SGI's compilers or GCC? Would it be possible to make a compile that does not include chat, composer, mail, and address book? SGI used to make a Netscape-Lite like that. Maybe not much faster, but less memory and disk space used.
Also, foetz, could you post detailed compiling instructions? Your compile works fine for home use, but at work I must compile my own version from the original sources.

Does this port run on MIPS3 too? I noticed quite a few ports on your site, but some unfortunetely won't run on my I2's. Can you please at least make 2 ports so people with older computers can run the software too? Or a porting howto perhaps? Thanks.

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