IRIX 6.5.23 Released


First spotted by Chicago-Joe yesterday evening, SGI has released IRIX 6.5.23. The announcement is here

It's not possible yet to download it via supportfolio, but the software orders section has already been updated with the new IRIX.

Please note that there is no support anymore for older systems (<=IP26 and IP28. IP27 is an early O200 model and is supported, thanks Michael) . I quote:

Changes to Support Mode Status
The following workstations, graphics and scalable server systems have transitioned to retired support mode for the IRIX 6.5.23 release. IRIX 6.5.23 does not support installation on these systems.

Challenge� S, Challenge� M, Challenge� DM, Challenge� L, Challenge� XL
Indigo�, Indigo2�, Indigo2 Extreme, Indigo2 Impact�
Power Challenge�, Power Indigo2�, Power Onyx�

So save your irix 6.5.22 CD's. They come in handy when an Onyx drops in your lap :)


Sorry, there's a little mistake in your entry: The IP27-platform (ONYX2, Origin 2000) _is_ still supported!


I was referring to Hardware IP board numbers. The O200 is Softwarewise an IP27, but hardwarewise an IP29. Check out a hinv -vm on an O200 and you'll see what i mean.

Hi dexter1!

Yes i know - i have an O200 as my personal server. ;)
But the early nodeboards for Onyx2/Origin200 (AFAIR the 180- and 195MHz versions) were IP27 hardwarewise and they are still supported in 6.5.23. Beginning with the 250MHz nodeboards the cpu's were mounted on a PIMM and the boards ware named as IP31, up to the latest R14K-500.


You're right. To avoid confusion, i changed the blog posting.

6.5.23 is available on supportfolio :)

ah, good to know.
i thought only r12k and up were ip31...

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