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GNOME/GTK+ 2 Office Suite for IRIX

Well it's finally here! Be the first one in your cubicle to get it -- GNOME/GTK+ 2 Office for IRIX. While SGI is busily attempting to disavow itself of its once proud flagship, your local team of IRIX die-hards thought it would be fun to take the ol' barge out for another joy ride. There's lot's of new toys here to take one's mind off of the iceberg looming in the dark waters ahead...

What's...Uh...the Deal?

We had a bit of luck compiling the gtk+2.2 base and thought it would be nice to offer to the community fresh ports of the Gnome Office applications and support libraries, precompiled (MIPS3, n32) for IRIX. Due to the maze of dependencies and prerequists, we've decided to be a bit more formal than usual and placed all the the products in a separate download area. Using SGI's excellent freeware site as our model. We've built all of the install-able module's with the prefix neko_ and installed them into /usr/local. Each tardist includes an opt (optional) subsystem and contains release notes on how the software was built, the idb and spec that swpkg (SGI's Software Packager) uses to build the distribution, as well as the original source code. While the current team consists only semi-fly, myself, and our gracious benefactor/guru/pioneer Nekonoko, the hope is that others will wish to join. Our goal is to provide another trusted source for open source software binaries for IRIX. We'd like to think that a foundation has been laid that will lend itself to easy expansion and updates. All are welcome to contribute and we'll flesh out a set of guidelines for submittals shortly. With that having been said, on to the goodies!

All and All, It's Just...

Our initial offering contains 76 tardists, totaling around 406 MBs (including sources). It contains all of the gtk/GNOME libraries such as gtk+-2.2.4, glib-2.3.2, pango-1.3.2, atk-1.5.2, libglade-2.0.1, libgnome-2.4.0, libbonobo-2.4.3 and libxml2-2.4.12 to name a few, but also some other core libraries such as gettext-0.13.1, libiconv-1.9.2, libpng-1.2.5, libjpeg-6b, zlib-1.2.1 and libtiff-3.5.7. Many of these libraries are a part of SGI's freeware distribution, but we thought it important that our ports be able to stand on their own -- and as such do not require any SGI freeware to run. This way we have the freedom to update components as necessary, but without affecting the stability of any other software you may have installed. We've also ported several mid-level libraries/languages such as Imagemagick-5.3.3, Perl-5.8.3 and Python-2.3.4. Looking at the full list of packages it may seem a bit much but, as unlikely as it seems, you need all of them to work up our top level applications -- two of the crown jewels of the open source movement -- GIMP-2.0pre2 and AbiWord-2.0.2. (We threw in a few others for good measure: gaim-0.75, xchat-2.0.7, gthumb-2.2.1, glade-2.0.1, gFTP-2.0.16, Dia-0.92 and gnumeric-1.2.6.)

Fun with Fonts
(a.k.a. Keith Packard is a genius)

The over-achievers at freedesktop.org has put together a collection of libraries that include xrender, xft2, freetype2 and fontconfig. We've compiled pango to utilize these libraries as backends -- the result is beautiful antialiased fonts in all of the gtk+2 applications. What's more, the collection of libraries recognizes X11 bitmap, Type1 and TrueType fonts. Pretty soon you'll have more fonts than you can shake a stick at (and they'll look great)! Have a peek here for tips on how to configure the system. We've made a first pass at setting things up nicely for you all, but I hope we'll get some excellent feedback and tips.

Any Colour You Like (freak out!)

Strictly in the eye-candy department, have a look at gtk-theme-switch. It's a simple utility for adjusting the look of the GTK application widgets through themes (schemes?). We've included a few "theme engines" as well as a couple of eye-catching themes such as 4dIndigo for the IndigoMagic purists and a slew of OS X inspired ones for those of you with Aqua-envy.

So it's ahoy! from this Ship of Fools. This news may be a bit stale to many of the Linux folks, but I think most IRIX enthusiasts will mark this event somewhere between the porting of OpenOffice to IRIX and the cancellation of the R18K. Considering the recent drought in official freeware, we hope this will be a welcome refreshment. Take a big drink -- it's free!

This forum thread has been started for your questions and feedback.

go to download directory

(Don't forget to thank Neko for letting you stomp on his bandwidth!)

Mozilla 1.7a Released


Mozilla 1.7a was released into the wild today and foetz has brought forth a fresh new IRIX build!

Mozilla 1.7a addresses some 875 separate issues; be sure to check out the Mozilla 1.7a README for more information on some of the changes under the hood.

Note: I just tried this package myself and found it requires foetz's gettext-0.14.1 tardist; the previous version included in SGI Freeware as well as our own G2Office suite will unfortunately not work.

IRIX 6.5.23 Released


First spotted by Chicago-Joe yesterday evening, SGI has released IRIX 6.5.23. The announcement is here

It's not possible yet to download it via supportfolio, but the software orders section has already been updated with the new IRIX.

Please note that there is no support anymore for older systems (<=IP26 and IP28. IP27 is an early O200 model and is supported, thanks Michael) . I quote:

Changes to Support Mode Status
The following workstations, graphics and scalable server systems have transitioned to retired support mode for the IRIX 6.5.23 release. IRIX 6.5.23 does not support installation on these systems.

Challenge� S, Challenge� M, Challenge� DM, Challenge� L, Challenge� XL
Indigo�, Indigo2�, Indigo2 Extreme, Indigo2 Impact�
Power Challenge�, Power Indigo2�, Power Onyx�

So save your irix 6.5.22 CD's. They come in handy when an Onyx drops in your lap :)

After reading the "Firefox" announcement on Slashdot I was pleasantly surprised to find a new IRIX build courtesy of foetz waiting in the inbox this morning.

More information on this browser release can be found in the Slashdot article linked above, or in the press release.

Tip: I found it easiest to extract the Firefox tarball under /usr/local. From the Toolchest, select Desktop -> Customize -> Utilities. Under Web Browser select Other, type /usr/local/firefox/firefox in the dialog box and click OK. Now you can run Firefox by selecting Internet -> Open Web Browser from the Toolchest. This will help integrate Firefox into the desktop so elements such as WebJumpers and InfoSearch work as expected.

R16000A 800Mhz


SGI has released a press statement yesterday that for the Fuel and Tezro a CPU upgrade to R16000A at 800MHz is now available. No word on Octane2 options :(

Thanks to schleusel for pointing this out on the forum

Read all about it here

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