New Game Tardist - Lincity 1.12.0

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Here's another one just for fun. Lincity is a city simulation game in the spirit of SimCity©. It was originally written for SVGA (that's Super Video Graphics Adapter, not Scalable Vector Graphics as I originally assumed), but was nicely ported over to X11R6 by the authors. It claims on the home page to be IRIX compatible, but I did not see a binary availible so I put this one together for the Nekochan regulars.

Compiling went pretty smoothly with GNU C, but the MIPS C compiler choked on the GNU inline directive. That means the tardist should be MIPS3 compatible. Also, for some perverse reason I renamed the executable from xlincity to just lincity, which is all you have to type in order to get it to run.

The game play looks very advanced, although I haven't really had time to try it out. As always, please leave comments if you experience any problems. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: lincity-1.12.0.tardist (1.5 MB)

1 Comment

I was just browsing around and saw your site. Thank you for your excellent work making the IRIX binaries available. Concerning the trouble with the mips C compiler, if you send me the error messages to, I will try to fix it for the next release.

Enjoy the game! -Greg Sharp (lincity developer)

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