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New IRIX Demo

Markku Reunanen just e-mailed regarding the availability of a new demo for IRIX:


Here's a port of our latest demo:

And the source:

Tested and runs fine on Onyx2/IR2 and Octane. Slower but still bearable on O2. R10000 and proper 3D acceleration recommended (texturing not used). Thanks for your nice site!

This is in addition to the other demos mentioned last August; quite a bit to try out!

IRIX Central has released an updated tardist of the popular BZFlag multiplayer 3D tank battle game:

We have built and packaged the current bzflag multiplayer tank game (http://www.bzflag.org) for IRIX 6.5.18 and above. Other IRIX version support is forthcoming.

You can find our bzflag software package in tardist format at

See you on the battlefield...

Modified Indigo Magic Schemes

I started a new subdirectory in the downloads section for user modified Indigo Magic schemes based on a suggestion from Stewart Pomeroy:

[...] I have a suggestion - how about some kind of depot of user modified Indigo Magic schemes? I use Gotham pretty frequently and have modified it and Indigo Magic to some more subtle and near-monochromatic hues and wonder if anyone else does this. [...] I've attached a couple I use a lot. I call one Empire and the other EmpireLight. Just make 2 dirs in the .desktop-hostname/schemes/ directory called Empire and EmpireLight and pull the respective prefixes off the BaseColorPalette files and place them in each one.

If anyone else has schemes they'd like to share let me know and I'll add them to the page.

Tom Kranz over at SiliconBunny just started a new section on his site for SGI Hacks, the first being an innovative Octane lightbar mod called the "Octane KnightRider Light Bar". Check it out; looks to be a lot of fun!

Forum member and Blender developer Skywriter just announced in the forum that IRIX Central is now hosting nightly Blender builds:

In response to some blender users desire to have latest blender builds, http://www.irixcentral.com will now carry nightly builds of blender (ok, when the compile isn't broken :-) for IRIX. These are complete mips3 builds same as the release version (only maybe a little buggy, or not depending on how well we're doing :-) except you get the benefit of incremental feature adds each day!

Enjoy, and thanks irixcentral!

New Game Tardist - Lincity 1.12.0

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Here's another one just for fun. Lincity is a city simulation game in the spirit of SimCity©. It was originally written for SVGA (that's Super Video Graphics Adapter, not Scalable Vector Graphics as I originally assumed), but was nicely ported over to X11R6 by the authors. It claims on the home page to be IRIX compatible, but I did not see a binary availible so I put this one together for the Nekochan regulars.

Compiling went pretty smoothly with GNU C, but the MIPS C compiler choked on the GNU inline directive. That means the tardist should be MIPS3 compatible. Also, for some perverse reason I renamed the executable from xlincity to just lincity, which is all you have to type in order to get it to run.

The game play looks very advanced, although I haven't really had time to try it out. As always, please leave comments if you experience any problems. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: lincity-1.12.0.tardist (1.5 MB)

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